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The Vedic Care Charitable Trust

The VCC is a global initiative for the care of spiritual seekers; an organization for providing ecumenical care through a network of member Eco-villages, temples and farms. Spiritual seekers, in need or not, can come, associate, live and be treated in an enlivening and nourishing atmosphere; and when the time comes, receive God conscious hospice care for a glorious transition from this life.

How We Care

The ‘Vedic Care’ ~ An Oasis of Love

Spiritual Seekers and transcendentalists often find themselves in financial trouble in their later days, mostly due to their lack of interest in materialistic lifestyles. Our main mission is to assist these personalities who have dedicated a great part of their lives to the well-being of others, sacrificing finances, family and friends to be of service. In this spirit, we're creating spiritually enhanced care facilities and communities, where respect, love and trust are primary.

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Send us your articles and upon approval we'll publish them. We're not interested in political or distasteful news. We're here to inspire.

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All products sold here directly benefit our ‘Vedic Care’ efforts: to care for spiritual seekers in need. 100% of the profits from VCC branded products will stay with the VCC.


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A place to sharpen your intelligence and challenge your mind. Also, please visit our broader online news, The Vedic Times (link in top menu).