GURUDAS:Guided Meditation”, “We’re the Healers”, “History of Western Vaishnavism” with personal reportage photos and films, and “Introduction to Bhakti Yoga”
ARADHANA DEVI DASI: Introduction to Bhakti Yoga ~ Mantra Meditation
CHAITANYA SWARUP DAS: Ayurveda ~ Self Management of Health Seminar. You will learn a mixture of popular interest and advanced Ayurvedic concepts.
Dr. CAROLLE CHAPMAN: The Healing Power of Herbs ~ Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health and Healing
Brief Introduction of the ancient use of herbs in all cultures to heal, and Introduction to Bhakti Yoga.
TBD: Qi Gong, Asana Yoga & Pranayam. “I believe Yoga starts with the breath, if you can breathe you can do Yoga!”
(spiritual music)

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WE ARE THE HEALERS with Gurudas:
How to be spiritual and survive in the modern world.

This is a course designed to unblock our creative and spiritual potential within, in order to heal ourselves, and give to others.

Also how to apply ancient sacred arts into present practical practices, in order to survive and flourish in the fast paced world.




Included topics :

*  The inner journey/Alternative states of consciousness
*  Karma
*  Transmigration of the Soul
*  Mind/Body/Soul Dynamics
*  Vision / Dream time
*  Unblocking our creative and spiritual potential
*  How to apply story telling and myths to life
*  Our archetypal selves
*  Transparent via Mediums
*  World wide healing methods
*  Ritual / Puja
*  Power spots /Sacred places/ Festival
*  Medicinal Herbology
*  Creativity and Expression
*  The conscious and subconscious
*  Affectionate detachment
*  Dream Healing
*  Survival skills
*  How to apply these ideas in the present fast paced world

GURUDAS will also give:

Techniques of Hypnotherapy and relaxation methods with induction experience.

Included Topics:
• An introduction
• History of Hypnosis and overview including Shamanism
• Imagination/Myth/and your subconscious
• Affirmation and Suggestion Techniques
• Ideomotor Response
• Suggestibility Testing
• Dream Time and The Subconscious
• Meditation Techniques and Trance States
• Affirmation:
~ language
~ write your own affirmations
• Mythic Image
• Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
• Regression or Past Live
• Abreaction
• Healing Arts
• Uses and Application of Hypnosis
~  Self hypnosis/self empowering applications
~  Identifying and healing early life traumas
~  The seeds of habit and how to change
~  How to increase your confidence and determination
~  Spiritual and inner guidance
~  Releasing self-limiting beliefs,doubts and attitudes
~  Reducing stress
~  Taping into your creativity
~  Success strategies
~  Memory enhancement
• Induction Techniques:
~ various methods
~ language
• Induction experience
• Make your own tape
• Post Hypnotic Suggestions
• Practice Induction Session with Partners
• Self Hypnosis Techniques
• How to conduct a Hypnotherapy Session with a client.



Showing of personal reportage pictures taken over four decades
Showing of land mark films on the subject

Caitania-priya_Dr.-CarolleChapamTHE HEALING POWER OF HERBS with Dr. Carolle Chapman:
Herbs ~ Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health and Healing:

Brief Introduction of the ancient use of herbs in all cultures to heal.

1.  All Plants are a manifestation of Life.
They are givers of light and love to all other life forms
Herbs through Photosynthesis give us light, the power of the sun
Air, Water, and Minerals from the Earth.

2. “Let your food be your medicine”
Herbs are food. They nourish and heal us.
They give information to body, mind and spirit to grow and to repair itself.

3.   All like forms have a unified Consciousness that maintains and direct
the life force in its manifestations.
The consciousness of plants.
Learning to communicate with each herb to reveal their value, uses and gifts.

4. Therapeutic Uses of Herbs.
Based in Affinity of an herb for a particular body system or mental emotional ailment
Examples:   Digestive Herbs, Bitter Tonic Herbs, Nervines for care of Nervous system,
Alternatives to clean the blood, expectorants to clear mucus from the respiratory system.

5.  Types of Herbs: Culinary and Medicinal provide the building blocks for structure, growth and
regulation of all life processes.
Herbal Preparations: Teas, Tinctures, Bathe, Salves, Lotions, Homeopathic Remedies, Flower Essences
Essential Oils, Aerial effusions etc.

Time needed: 45 – 60 minutes.

ChaitaniaSwarupdasAYURVEDIC COURSE with Chaitanya Swarup das:

Self Management of Health Seminars are designed to focus upon yourself from the day one. You will learn Ayurvedic popular and practical themes, and it doesn’t matter if you are a beginner, know nothing or you already did some ayurvedic training before.

My objective it to simplify the art of living and presented it to you as I had realized it in a practical yet effective way and no matter what is  your profession you will be able to implement positive changes in your life. You will learn a mixture of popular interest and advanced Ayurvedic concepts.
Ayurveda is a vast field of knowledge so it can feel like a never ending learning process, but in this course, you’ll get a basic but deep understanding of the true multidimensional Ayurveda in a personalized way; and the importance of following a healthy lifestyle along with an Integral Yoga and meditation practices.

Chaitanya’s seminars are usually a mixture of information that is given in the regular Ayurvedic Studies Program and additional information that is not found anywhere. in the West. The topics vary depending on students capabilities and commitment.

Nectar of Devotion, the essence of Bhakti yoga with Kirtan (spiritual sounds).

These sessions include the ‘Vedic Care’ Team and our Kirtaneers (musicians).
From left Dr. Caitania Priya (Dr. Carolle Chapman), Gurudas (Roger Siegel), Aradhana dd (Ana Lucia Alves) and Chaitanya Swarup das (Alfredo Llorente Marcos)

Kirtan (spiritual sounds)
One have to only listen to be amazed!!!


This beautiful, classic Spanish Architecture Farm is located in central Spain, about 100 kilometers east of Madrid, Spain’s capital city.

It is geographically right outside the little town of Brihuega, near Guadalajara. It is a small farm community, with flower and vegetable gardens, a couple of small greenhouses, a beautiful goshala (cow’s caring place) right across the road from the lovely temple, and then a larger goshala down the road.

There are approximately twelve cows and two bulls that are pampered so milk is abundant. The farm is about 300 hectares in size with many hills, so wonderful nature walks are also available.

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