Aradhana dd

Aradhana devi dasi
aka Ana Lucia Alves
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Office Manager, Media & Online affairs

Aradhana left Brazil to Europe (spending most of her life there) at nineteen so to explore the world (and look for Krsna).

As the great granddaughter of a native Brazilian Shaman, she never could accept mainstream spiritual paths that were so limiting to her sensibilities.

She worked for many years as a top model, actress and documentary filmmaker, while learning four languages and achieving great material success. Today, Aradhana runs a film production company with her devotee partner and serves every day with enthusiasm for the success of the Vedic Care Charity.

Bhakta Matt

Barnaby Booth
Media & Editing

Barnaby was born in Devon, UK and joined Bhaktivedanta Manor as a trainee monk in 1989. While at the Manor he was engaged in full-time book distribution for two and a half years. He now lives in Kent with his wife and three children and for the past seventeen years has worked at Birkbeck, University of London.

Barnbay has been working in video production for the last eight years and mostly works on short promotional videos for the web.

He has realized numerous devotional video projects including documentaries, features, promotional videos and music videos. He collaborates regularly with Jayadev on his mantra choir projects, most recently working on “Mahaprabhu” which involved contributions from over 400 singers and performers. He has filmed at the House of Lords, House of Commons, City Hall and the Royal Festival Hall and is currently working on several projects with other devotees.


Bhakta Matt

Sacimata dd
aka Sachi Plummer
Concerts & Music Events Manager

Saci was born 1963 in Croatia (former Jugoslavija), moving to Germany at age four where most of her schooling took place. She joined Hare Krishna Temple in Switzerland at age 18 (1981).

She served for 14 years in the Swiss Yatra (New Jagannath puri Dham) mostly by traveling on Book distribution and paraphernalia sales as the Ladies Sankirtan Leader. Saci also served by cooking, kitchen and mataji ashram renovation, administration, social relations, home programs, Ayurveda cooking classes and Bhakti yoga seminars.

Since her marriage in 1996 to Titiksava Karunika Prabhu (The ISKCON Rock‘n Roller) she started managing his devotional music programs, traveling all over Europe, Russia, India, Brazil, South Africa and USA doing devotional music performances, producing CD’s and marketing them with the help of the European BBT. They settled in California after their first child was born.

Today Saci continues the Management with performances that have been expanding to Ratha Yatras and many of Iskcon’s Holi Festival of Colors and similar Outreach Programs, including the Festival of Inspiration in New Vrindavan; today a tradition. She also organizes and manage the Holi Festival of Colors in some towns in California (San Diego County).

She also founded a Non Profit Organization to assist her Festival Organization and wanted to work on a Community Project, for the creation of Senior Vaisnava Facilities. As her children Govinda devi, 17 years old and Bhima, 20 years old are almost out of the nest, she has today more time to be of service to the Vaisnava’s in need, reason why she joined ‘The Vedic Care”.

Bhakta Matt

Matthew J. Morreale
IT and Online Assistance

Matthew is an American born writer/director/musician (raised in England) with an insatiable passion for everything cinema. He produced and directed the theatrical short film, ‘A New Dawn’, directed and photographed, ‘Losing Lola‘ and worked as cinematographer on the full-length feature, ‘Destiny’.

Most recently he directed three conceptual shorts from material in development.
Matt has worked in production sound for films such as ‘Gone to the Dogs’, ‘The Vanguard’ and ‘Ballet Shoes’ and has editing credits on ‘Calm’, ‘Losing Lola’ and ‘We’ve Got The Toaster’, among others. He studied producing with The New Producers Alliance and script development at The Script Factory.

Matthew is doing all he can to support the Vedic Care mission.

Bhakta Matt

Ananta Sesa das
Literaty Dep. Manager
Editor and Writer

Ananta Sesa dasa (Dr. Arnold Smith) earned his B.A. in philosophy and history, and his M.A. in philosophy at Kent State University. In addition, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Divinity from ULC Seminary in 2010.

Professor Smith is a faculty member in the Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies at Youngstown State University in Ohio. He has acted as advisor for the Philosophy and Religious Studies Forum and the Eastern Wisdom, Meditation and Chant group. He is a member of the Ohio and American Philosophical Associations. In addition to writing and editing articles for The Vedic Times, he has published the book, The Moral World (Cognella, 2015), and had articles featured in several publications.

Because it pertains so closely to his work and life, Ananta’s favorite Prabhupada quote is “Religion without philosophy is sentiment, while philosophy without religion is mental speculation.”

Bhakta Matt

Bhakti das
Volunteers Manager

Bhakti das prabhu is also on our Out-Reach Team. His educational background is undergraduate degrees in Business Administration, Liberal Arts, Psychology, Philosophy, Comparative Religion, masters in Botanical Pharmacology (herbology).

Professional Hypnosis, Independent Studies in Organic Farming, Solar Energy, Ayurveda, Chinese Medicine and food preparation, Supervision of home building, tiny homes, Inspections, Teaching of Tantra Kriya Yoga in all related associations of Tantra Yoga, Movement Hatha Yoga, Pranayama and the sixty four arts of Tantra are his further skills.