Aradhana dd

Aradhana devi dasi
Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Aradhana (Ana Lucia) left Brazil to Europe at nineteen so to explore the world (and look for Krsna). As the great granddaughter of a native Brazilian Shaman, she never could accept mainstream spiritual paths that were so limiting to her sensibilities. She then worked for many years as a top model, actress and documentary filmmaker, while learning four languages and achieving great material success. Today, Aradhana runs a film production company with her devotee husband and serves every day with enthusiasm for the success of the Vedic Care Charitable Trust.

Bhakta Matt

Matthew Morreale
Administrative and Technical Support

Matthew is an American born writer/director/musician (raised in England) with an insatiable passion for everything cinema. He produced and directed the theatrical short film, ‘A New Dawn’, directed and photographed, ‘Losing Lola‘ and worked as cinematographer on the full-length feature, ‘Destiny’. Most recently he directed three conceptual shorts from material in development.

He has worked in production sound for films such as ‘Gone to the Dogs’, ‘The Vanguard’ and ‘Ballet Shoes‘ and has editing credits on ‘Calm’, ‘Losing Lola’ and ‘We’ve Got The Toaster’, among others. He studied producing with The New Producers Alliance and script development at The Script Factory.

Matthew is doing all he can to support the VCC mission.