The VCC Retreat in Alicante, Spain

The Vedic Care Charitable Trustipit has the opportunity to rent-to-buy a two bedroom house in Alicante, Spain. This property is overlooking the Vall de Laguar and El Collado, and is to be used for Health and Yoga retreats, including Meditation and Ayurveda classes for a healthier lifestyle. This is part of the VCC’s Preventive Care initiative.

The property has legal permission to be extended with a new building of about 150sqm, for creating a full VCC Clinic and Education Centre. It has a lovely garden where tipis (teepees) can be used for guests while the new building goes up.

Please join – locally or online – to push for this Teepee Yoga Retreat and Ayurvedic Centre.

Contact us here and/or donate to this project here. Thank you!

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