Anasuya (Ana Nelson)

Latest Update on Anasuya’s ’cause’ – April 24th @ 12:30pm PST:

Dear kind souls,

We’re happy to say that, with everyone’s help, these three are safe, in good hands and have options being evaluated by a qualified physician. Anasuya is grateful and being helped towards her next step.

All those who donated via our site, here (thru PayPal) will be updated personally via email. We’ll be thanking all others via FB. Although we’re no longer accepting donations for this cause, we’ll continue to provide updates on this page for those interested. 

Hare Krsna and thank you all again!
The VCC Out-Reach Team


This is Ana Nelson.

Sadly, she’s suffering from a type of psychosis known as Borderline Personality Disorder and is in trouble in India. We’ve sent Prana das (VCC Out-Reach), who kindly flew to Kolkata from Delhi, and Ana is now stable since he has arrived, but we need to get her, her brother and friend back to London on the first available flight.

Please help us bring these young members of our community as their money is all but spent and no flights are available until next Wednesday. They need funding for tickets to UK, and for food and lodging in the meantime.

We’d be grateful for your help as this is such an uncomfortable and urgent situation; they need your kind assistance.

We thank you on her behalf.

Please do read Rama’s (VCC-Out-Reach) report, below. Thank you!

Dearest friends, devotees and well wishers,

I’m sad to have to bring you quite distressing news from India. It is regarding a young woman, Anasuya Nelson, who travelled to India from the UK, just over a month ago, to visit and stay at holy sites, in the caring and competent company of her maternal aunt, Oli Krishna dd, and also to seek some holistic treatments for her latent schizophrenic condition, whilst there.

Regrettably for Anasuya, things went quite badly a short time after arriving in Sri Dham Mayapur, West Bengal.

It seems that she had a catastrophic relapse into full blown schizophrenia with all the attendant symptoms of hearing voices, experiencing acute paranoia and a fully delusional mental state generally.

Her aunt, Oli Krishna, her elder brother and her other family members, quickly found themselves completely out of their depth in knowing what to do, as she retreated further and further into mental illness, paranoia, insomnia and uncontrollable, involuntary fits.

Finally, at her wits end, her aunt, was more or less forced to have Ana sedated and driven by ambulance, 4 hours to a mental health care facility in Kolkata, to see if she could be helped. Unfortunately, the mental health facility was woefully inadequate, with one bathroom for fifty women and lacking in other basic facilities.

During this time, Ana became more agitated and at one point had to be tied down to stop her from harming herself. After a harrowing week in this place, she began to calm down, and together we arranged to have her flown home to the UK last Sunday the 14th of April at 8pm on Jet Airways.

She was duly discharged from the hospital on Thursday the 11th of April, in anticipation of flying home with her brother Sundar Gopal and Sundar’s friend and traveling companion, Raman, a few days later.

Oli Krishna, Ana’s aunt, after seeing that Ana and three boys were booked and getting ready to fly, then took off to Delhi to fulfill prior work obligations.

It was then that a further and equally serious disaster struck, as Jet Airways collapsed and indefinitely suspended all international flights due to interminable financial problems.

That left Ana, in a very mentally impaired state, with her brother and their friend stranded in a small, sweltering hot airport hotel without a flight home and rapidly dwindling patience, sanity and finances.

Ana, already mentally overwhelmed, began to spiral back into a very disturbed condition, leaving her traveling companions bewildered and perplexed at what to do next to extricate themselves from this seemingly unending series of misfortunes. They tried to board another flight, hurriedly offered to them on Qatar Airlines, but when the booking staff saw Ana, they refused them all, and sent them packing, back to the cramped and sweltering, cheap hotel room.

Whilst enduring this fate, in utter desperation, the young boys and Ana visited another more highly reputed mental health care facility, called Antara, run by Mother Theresa’s outfit, The Missionaries of Charity, hoping to have Ana admitted as an inpatient to receive some much needed, overdue therapy. Ana however wasn’t admitted, but was administered a powerful injection, as well as some oral medicine to stabilise her mind.

The bedraggled party then made their way back to the cramped hotel room to lick their wounds and see what fate had next in store for them. At this point, the boys and poor Ana were exhausted, depressed, confused and losing hope regarding what to do next. It was then quickly decided, by family and friends at home in London, that back-up was urgently needed, given their weakened state, to help them negotiate the apparently insurmountable obstacles that was thrown in their path.

A phone call was made to a very dear and old family friend, Pranaji, who without hesitation, upon hearing of this lamentable state of affairs, left his room in Vrindavan and came straight to Kolkata to help stabilise things and try to chart a way forward for the beleaguered group.

So, that’s how things now stand, Ana, her brother Sundar and their mutual friend Raman, are still cooped up in Kolkata in the small room, fortunately now with the very kind hearted and experienced Pranaji, but with very little money left and desperately seeking a solution to their dilemma.

We’re therefore asking you all to look into your hearts and, given this adverse chain of events and circumstances, kindly donate for airlifting these 3 beautiful young people back to their county as soon as possible. We’re seeking the cheapest seats possible and are trying to return them home without delay.

Thank you so much for reading this rather long, meandering piece, it actually is only the barest, most minimal description of what’s actually transpired… and thank you from the bottom of our hearts, in advance, for throwing into the hat whatever you are able to, to help them out.

As it’s said, God looks after those who look after others.

Bless you all and thanks again,
Rama Nrsimha das 

For further information, please contact us here.