The VCC Big Island Retreat – Hawaii, USA

Beach with snow capped Maunakea

Beach, with the snow capped Maunakea behind

The half an acre land on the Big Island was our very first land donation offered by our Trustee, Rama Nrsimha das (Richard Dench) and a VCC friend Gopal das. It’s placed in a very strategic part of the Island, and walking distance to the ocean.

We’re looking forward to building a small Vedic Care Retreat Facility there, dedicated to preventive medicine treatments and the Caring and Recuperation of dear souls who give their lives to the good and well being of others.





Please do come forward to assist on this project. This facility will be for all of us, as we grow old and need a place to rest, recoup and take care of our health; this way, hopefully avoiding serious illnesses.

We are here to CARE!


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