The VCC in Eco-Pueblo Bolivia, South America

At a Vedic Care retirement facility in an Eco-village, individuals can expect a safe, residential cooperative wherein the individual is respected and cherished. Through this cooperative, we can create cottage industries for music, film, dance and mantra meditation. Through self-sufficient organic farming, prasadam (blessed foodstuff) will be plentiful, allowing for sumptuous feasts. And, to feed the mind, there will be seminars and other events.


Bolivia, overlooking Lake Titicaca and the town of Copacabana, America, South America, 04.2011

As in Bolivia, after finding land for residential communities, we can create suitable spaces for our Hospices & Clinics. We will then build lodges with rooms on each side of a grand hall. Each room will contain two bunk beds, allowing for four residents in each room. These rooms are for the live-in volunteers who wish to provide care for others, and experience an off-the-grid life style.

We’ll also construct other buildings for more private residences, offices, communal temples, concert halls, barns, etc.

The New Naradavan Forest (NNF) is a beautiful Amazon rain forest located in the subtropical zone of the Oriental Andean Mountains. Bolivia is cataloged as a Mega-diverse country and this zone is one of the richest in biodiversity on our planet.

The NNF has an average altitude of 800m above sea level. The weather is wet and subtropical. Average temperature is 24C and precipitation is 4,000 mm/yr. Two torrent rivers with high Oxygen content boarder beach formations and gallery forests. The surface is mainly mountain and jungle.

The VCC is working hand in hand with Ranga Puri prabhu to assist in developing this amazing Eco-Pueblo project; where devotees in the future, will flourish and share the Spiritual lifestyle so desired everywhere.

Vedic Care Hospices and Clinics in Eco-Village’s and cities ARE THE PLACE TO BE!

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