The Vedic Care Healing & Educational Centre, Retirement Home and Organic Farm in England

There is nothing like the British countryside, so you are all welcome to assist with our first VCC location here. We have, available for development, a six bedroom country home, with a lovely garden and small next door Temple.
Furthermore we’ve now the wonderful association of Radha Krsna das (aka Richard Higgins) and ‘The Good Gardeners’.
We’re creating a Micro-Farm near London where Organic Farming, Vedic Compost, Devotee’s Care and Cow’s protection will be coexisting in complete harmony.

“Being a trustee of the Good Gardeners charity for 10 years who were the founders of the ‘No Dig’ system in the UK, we have rolled three sciences into one and it is now known as the ‘Howard-Higgins Horticultural System’. These three sciences are the No Dig system, Planting By The Moon and the fertility making work of Sir Albert Howard.

In 2016 I was handed the directorship of this charity and I have now registered it as an International charity with the Charities Commission. Our goal is to re introduce these sciences of growing healthy food for the population at large. However due to the general lack of knowledge about these sciences it has been a slower start than I expected and this is evidenced by the response from an Oxford honorary research associate, Dr. McGuiver whom I contacted after his television broadcast entitled the Secret Life of Landfil. This conversation, is filed on our web site and can be heard here.

It is clear from this conversation that very little is known about this subject matter and our mission is to try and establish abroad and at home this simple enough agricultural technique to bring about first class health which Sir Albert referred to as Preventative Medicine. You can view some of the history here.

In this section of our web site I quote Sykes, co founder of the Soil Association in 1947:
“The Nations of the world must speedily learn that soil fertility is our only true capital, and the soil health the only sure and lasting basis for public health in its true and widest sense. Whichever way we look at it, true health begins in the soil. Efficient farming, therefore, calls for an understanding of scientific husbandry which I have seldom met with in the many estates of England and Eire that I have had the honour to visit professionally; and these cover an enormous area of agricultural land. Unless a man can really and truly farm, he ought not to be trusted with the care of the soil, for he will never understand the message that disease conveys.” (Sykes, Humus and the Farmer, 1946).

Our intention at Good Gardeners International is to train and install systems that generate fertility in the soil so that higher nutrient levels can be attained by all who consume such food. We see this working perfectly in conjunction with the VCC and hope to install such systems in the locations where the VCC operates. To enhance therapies and alternative medical practises such as acupuncture and herbal medicine the plants grown and used in these sciences can be grown with this technology thus enhancing the effectiveness of the science.

Once set up anyone can grow food this way. It is recognised as extremely therapeutic and satisfying to go into the garden and be involved with the meditation and thoughtfulness that is required to grow food, touch soil and be in harmony with Nature.” Richard Higgins

The VCC England Team members

From left to right: Gurudas, Rama, Aradhana, and Raghunata.

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