How We Give Care

VCC Out-Reach Teams

When our hearts are filled with Krishna’s love, we often want to share that love through acts of kindness and compassion.

Compassionate Care is another form of prasadam (mercy), as is our giving of Shastra readings (ancient scriptures), kirtan (mantra music meditation), healthy prasadam (vegetarian blessed foodstuffs) according to the individual’s medical situation, the supporting of the family members’ needs.

If you are an empathetic soul, and want to care for other devotees, join one of our outreach support teams as they visit homes and hospitals in times of need. You won’t be required to administer any medication and we will train you in all the nuances of care.

To meet the VCC Outreach Team – Click here.

VCC Hotline

Our hotline project will be for assisting devotees from afar. So if you need to reveal your mind in confidence, ask questions or share your insights, we’ll be there to ‘Care’.

VCC ‘In Confidence’ Services

Some of our Medical Advisors have made themselves available to assist and counsel devotees in need, either by phone or in person, as they’re able. Please see here, who is available at this time.

To meet the VCC ‘In Confidence’ Team – Click here.

VCC Residential Care

This is provided by our Out-Reach Teams, on a case by case basis, with our giving of Shastra readings, kirtan, healthy prasadam; all according to the individual’s situation and the family members’ needs.

VCC Healing Centers

The VCC Holistic & Spiritual Health Care facilities are dedicated to caring for Krishna’s devotees and others aspiring to live a life of service to God. We provide complete wrap-around services offering each recipient a safe and self sufficient spiritual environment. Preventive medicine is a primary concern.

VCC Hospice Projects

Our hospice projects are in development. The supportive care provided is meant to allow each client to fully absorb the mind in transcendence, so they may be adequately prepared for that critical time of passing; guaranteeing a successful transition to the next life. Please visit our Project Pages for more information on each of them.

VCC Retirement Projects

Self sufficient Eco-Villages and spiritual environments for spiritual seekers are on the way. With our Farm & Eco-Village partners, we’ll build communities everywhere on the planet, where no one is left alone, in difficulty. Please visit our Project Pages for more information.

VCC MP3 and Tablets Program

Many senior devotees have found themselves in nursing homes and hospice facilities where they are surrounded by karmis. This can have a devastating effect on the spiritual well-being of the devotee. However, the simple gift of an MP3 player or a tablet pre-loaded with Kirtan, Hari Katha, and so forth, can benefit the spiritual well-being greatly. Click here to donate to this program.


Would you like to live peacefully in the midst of freinds and like minded people? So we invite you to “seed you retirement” with us as we’re planning to create tiny homes for retirement in our Eco-Villages and Farm Projects.
Please contact us if you’re interest in volunteering or getting on our waiting list.

If these projects interest you, please volunteer here, or donate through Paypal. Thank you.