Govinda das & Janaki dd


This very devoted couple live in Strasbourg – France. Govinda das met Srila Prabhupada in India in 1972 and felt in love with him and devotional service. He then left India and the family, who he describes is of a “fighting nature”, and went to Europe to share his love and transcendental knowledge.

He settled in France, later getting married to Janaki dd (French descent), but not begotten any children. After many years of successful devotional activities together, they find themselves practicably incapacitated due to severe sicknesses. For many years now, there was no visits and no help, so today they feel totally abandoned.

Their desire is to live in an ‘assisted living’ facility in India, so we’re doing our best to arrange so their desire be fulfilled.

Today, Nov. 09th, 2017; Matus (VCC-Out-Reach) is arriving at their humble home to care for them personally while we arrange a better place for them to live.

It’s possible that they’ll temporarily move to Metz with a wonderful devotee family; Matus will accompany to care for them there.

If you feel inclined to donate to their ’cause’, please do so by clicking on the link below. We’re hoping to continuously be able to assist them back home, back to Godhead.