An Oasis of Love!

Spiritual Seekers and transcendentalists often find themselves in financial trouble in their later days, mostly due to their lack of interest in materialistic lifestyles. The ‘Vedic Care Charity’ (VCC) main mission is to assist these personalities who have dedicated a great part of their lives to the well-being of others, sacrificing finances, family and friends to be of service. In this spirit, we’re creating spiritually enhanced care facilities and communities, where respect, love and trust are primary.

The VCC will provide ‘Spiritual’ preventive healthcare and healthcare support for all souls before and especially in their final days on this planet. All this in an ecumenically compassionate love-filled and caring environment.

World class professionals as ‘Ambassadors and Advisors’ are part of this world-wide compassionate endeavor so we may achieve the wonderful goal: simply caring for one another.

A ‘fresh from the farm’, vitamin rich, pure vegetarian diet and immersion in Maha-mantra medicinal chanting is paramount for a healthy existence, so we promote this lifestyle over all else.

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