Ishan Chaitanya das


Update on January 9th, 2017- by Niscala devi dasi,

Serving Devotees- Our Constitutional Position

Serving devotees by helping them when they are in need of help is not “being sentimental”, even if the help is on the bodily platform. Prabhupada defined sentimentality as “religion without philosophy” and the vaisnava philosophy defines the soul as being a servant of Krsna:

jivera swarupa haya nitya krsna dasa

Lord Caitanya further refined this definition when He described himself as not a sannyasi, brahmana or sudra, but “the servant of the servant of the servant” of Krsna’s devotees.

We also know that Krsna declares that “One who calls himself My devotee is not My devotee. One who considers himself the devotee of My devotee is My real devotee!”

In order to render the best service to another servant, the ideal situation is when a servant really needs our help. When a person doesn’t need anything, it is very difficult to render them service. Indeed, they may become a little annoyed if we run up to them and constantly ask “How can I serve you? Do you need anything?”

Therefore, it is our great good fortune when we hear of another servant actually needing our help- because then our service will actually be benefiting them in some way.

A devotee’s body is not “maya” exactly, as he uses it in the service of Krsna, and so it becomes spiritualized. Therefore, with his body, he can render service to Krsna. The example is given that one cannot associate with aquatics unless one gets the body or form of an aquatic. Therefore, with the spiritualized sadhaka body, a devotee can actually render service to the Lord. He even uses his subtle body, his mind and intelligence, to think of Krsna and how to render Him service.

When his body isn’t working properly, the devotee really needs our help to get back on track with his service to the Lord, and helping him do so, is more appreciated by Krsna than if we tried to render service to Krsna directly, such as to His arca vigraha form (though that is also appreciated , if done with love).

Krsna becomes sold out to one who loves His devotee more than Himself. This is what raganuga bhakti is, after all, and it is said that only through raganuga does one enter the divine mood, and realm, of the ever blissful pastimes the most beautiful Shyamasundara and His famously delightful gopis and gopas…

So, it has been wonderful to see devotees actually realizing practically their constitutional position by rendering kind-hearted service, that was so much needed, by our ailing fellow servant, Ishan Caitanya Dasa.

Thanks to all of you kind-hearted devotees, helping to bring his body up to a reasonable state of health, he has now recovered to a point where his long-cherished desire to visit Vraja dhama here on earth will finally be able to be realized! Before receiving your help, his body was just too weak and disabled to be able to travel anywhere at all.

As we know, Ishan’s condition is due to an inherited condition affecting his muscular, skeletal and nervous system, almost crippling him and putting him in much pain. Only through your kind donations has he been able to overcome the worst of his condition. Further donations will enable him to also get some chiropractic care, which will benefit him tremendously as well.

It is certainly Krsna’s kindness on us that such a sincere and dedicated servant is actually in need of our service, and there are many others as well, which are being helped by your donations to VCC, the perfect medium for some very much needed vaisnava seva. Please realize their dreams of getting better, even as you realize your blissful constitutional position, and render Krsna service that truly captures His attention!

Love to you all, and many thanks!

Dasa-dasa-anudasi, Niscala Dasi. ___/0|___


Here’s a list of his symptoms as he describes them on September/2016:

“My symptoms are general stiffness of muscles/tendons/ligaments, misalignment of shoulders, sciatica on both sides, perpetually sore hands and feet, lumps under my skin all over the body, and for the last several months the latest hit – knots in muscles in arms that are getting really painful and hard to deal with. I plan to do some thyroid tests, since the latest scan showed some cyst and I don’t know what it is. There is general fatigue and various indications that my metabolism is not what it used to be. Painful wrists, knees, hips, lumbar region, at least 3 herniated discs, mostly lumbar, but neck is also going south recently. My neck has been stiff and painful for over a year now, so can’t relax. I vaguely remember being able to run and hike without thinking about it, today these activities are just a fading memory.”

Ishan prabhu is located in Macedonia, but The VCC is assisting, and we’re happy to do so.

We’ve been Caring for Ishan prabhu lately and he is taking Natural medicine. We’ll soon report of his physical improvement but he has already expressed his immense gratitude for the Care and remote devotee association he has been provided from the VCC thus far.

We have put two of our kind Outreach Team members to reach out to him weekly, and that to support him as much as possible.

Your prayers, local assistance (if you’re in the area), or donations are all welcomed. The VCC is here to help and we’re operating with full transparency in our endeavors.

Please join the Care. With love and trust we can do so much.

Thank you.