Jatayu das

Jatayu das prabhu (Jeff Baptist) is one of the last initiated disciples of Srila Prabhupada ~ 1977; he served the movement since. He is now suffering from some memory loss and a heart condition. Lately he’s been in and out of the Shands Hospital in Alachua, Florida. After two weeks there once again, he has been moved to another location.

Devaki’s update on Dec. 9th. “I regret that he is being moved today to Saint Petersburg to a facility for senior care which is called Laurellwood nursing center. Beginning tomorrow you can reach him at the phone number 727-527-2171. All Devotees who know him should call him regularly and keep encouraging him and read to him on the phone or whatever you could do because this may be his only association.”

The VCC Outreach team in Alachua, led by Devaki dd is caring for him there; a few close friends have visited and Lisa kindly wrote a lovely and powerful letter about his predicament. He will need ‘assisted living care’ from now on and we’ll do all we can to help, so he can be in good association at all times; we’re also working to find a better situation for him.

We’d like to kindly ask your help to bring Jatayu das back to the Alachua community, this way many friends can visit him often and help take care of him at the facility he will go to next. His health issues will be an ongoing problem for quite some time so we need as much support and help as we can get.

If you can assist in any way please write here; for giving funds please click on the donation button above. Thank you.

More about Jatayu das:

Jatayu lived on the Iskcon temple farm in Tennesse at a mere 19 years old and started working Oxen and becoming passionate about farming for Prabhupada. Farming became his life as he felt this was Prabhupada’s desire for him.

Teaching others to Farm has been a natural for him and he has made countless gardens, large and small, for devotees like Balavanta, Ghadi, Rama Das, to name a few; for decades.

Jatayu was one of the first CSA (Community Cupported Agriculture) farmers in Alachua – Florida. He sold produce for decades at local farmers markets, and has taught and practiced organic farming methods (early 80’s), before it even became popular.

For many years, Jatayu gave produce and sold produce at the Alachua Temple farm, also offering organic produce for wholesale prices to devotees at the Sunday feast. He also donated to countless temple feast and Food for Life College food programs for years.

He has inspired many devotes to live a simpler life by adding an agrarian conscious lifestyle. Simple living and farming has been his lifestyle most of his life.