Krishna Priya devi dasi


In her words: “I am a very lowly Vaishnava devotee of Radha Krsna who has gotten trapped in the material world… my material body began to shake, mostly in the hands, making everything I do very difficult. Anything you can give would be greatly appreciated dear friend.”

Krishna Priya devi dasi has been actively practicing Bhakti Yoga since 1975. She has lately developed strong Alzheimer’s symptoms and is isolated in Boston; today in need for a living in carer. We’ve assisted her for over one year, keeping her company by phone with our Out-Reach Team members.

We’ve also provided some natural medicine and supplements, and would love to do this monthly and for this we need your kind contribution. Thank you.

Your prayers, local assistance (if you’re in the area), or tax deductible donations are all welcomed. The VCC is here to help and we’re operating with full transparency in our endeavors.

With love and trust we can do so much.