Mahananda dasa



Mahananda dasa prabhu had another heart attack and is still in the Hospital. Many friends are supporting him kindly by visiting and in prayers. We’ve two Outreach Team members assisting locally; they’re focused on his immediate needs and doing all they can.

FB message from a friend who visited in Alachua”

“I’m writing today to encourage anyone in Alachua who is Mahananda Dasa’s friend to visit him at Shands.
He is room 5456 (5th floor) of Shands (the old one which has turned into the children’s hospital). Legal name is Michael Ryon. He is not doing well a week after having a heart attack (they said he died in the ambulance and was revived). He is a bit disoriented at times and not communicating well. His birthday is at the end of the month. Now would be a good time to visit him as he is not improving much, I’m sorry to say. Hare Krishna. PS bring Krishna book or something else to read he would very much appreciate even 5 minutes of that.”

Please do pray for him and visit if you’re in the region.”

You can also contact us if you wish to assist him locally.


All glories to Mahananda dasa prabhu!
All glories to Srila Prabhupada!!

Yours in their service!
The VCC Team

His Story:

Mahananda dasa prabhu came to Krishna consciousness in 1969 and has been serving the Vaisnava community since then. He is based in Alachua, Florida.

In the past few years his health has suffered and at this time his heart is working at 18%. Due to financial difficulties and the inability to work, Mahananda prabhu had to leave his place and was practically homeless, having to stay at friends homes.