Mahananda dasa


Latest UPDATE!

“Mahananda Das ACBSP had a major Heart Attack in Oct 2017.
He has been in the hospital over 10 times since.
He has Congestive Heart problems and really wants to use Alternative Healing treatments. He wants to do juicing as well as other alternative medicines.

Maha is eligible for a potentially life saving natural treatment “EECP” which reverses the flow to the heart using pressurized cuffs. This is a seven week treatment & his insurance requires a copay of $1,000 just to get him started. EECP is so effective that his heart could heal & strengthen & give him much more time here to be of service to Prabhupada .

Thank You everyone for all the Love !

Any donation will be gratefully appreciated.

You can also contact us if you wish to assist him locally.



His Story:

Mahananda dasa prabhu came to Krishna consciousness in 1969 and has been serving the Vaisnava community since then. He is based in Alachua, Florida.

In the past few years his health has suffered and at this time his heart is working at 18%. Due to financial difficulties and the inability to work, Mahananda prabhu had to leave his place and was practically homeless, having to stay at friend’s homes.

We look forward to having our model facility for assisted living so we can invite Mahananda das to come live there ; this way he can be cared for and live in a safe and spiritual environment.