From November 28th till December 4th, 2018.
Seven Full Days ~ Six Nights

Three Retreat workshops are given in English, of which two also in Portuguese.

Paraty is a historic town on the Coast of the Rio De Janeiro State in Brazil.
The Eco-Village and the Hotel Dharma Shala are in mountainous jungle.

Please note that most visitors will need a VISA

bandeira do brasil

The Retreat offers:

Vegetarian and Vegan organic meals
Daily hikes to different waterfalls
‘We’re the Healers’ & ‘Guided Meditation’
“Liquid Beauty’
Bhakti & Asana Yoga classes
Kirtan (spiritual music sessions)

The Eco-Village has:

Many waterfalls in the mountains
we’re near gorgeous preserved beaches
vegetable gardens, cows and exotic tropical birds
wild bananas and tropical fruit trees
fresh ‘ahimsa milk’ and a beautiful temple.
We’ll have a bonfire on the last night


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GURUDAS ~ ‘The Vedic Care’ Founder, Author, Photographer, Counselor, Yogi and Devotee of Krishna; His ‘New York Times’ article.
ARADHANA DEVI DASI ~ Bhakti Yogini, Film Actor /Producer and Co-Founder of  ‘The Vedic Care’
KIRTANS (spiritual music) bhajan leaders from Brazil.
All details on our workshops here

Full Schedule for all classes coming soon


Average monthly weather in Paraty, Brazil

What’s the best time to go to Paraty in Brazil? Here are some annual weather facts we collected from our historical climate data:

– On average the temperatures are always high
– Most rainfall (rainy season) is seen in January, February, March and April
– On average, the warmest month is February
– On average, the coolest month is August
– April is the wettest month. This month should be avoided if you don’t like too much rain
– December is the driest month

Average minimum and maximum temperature in Paraty (Celsius)

– On average, the temperatures are always high
– On average, the warmest month is February
– On average, the coolest month is August

This is the minimum and maximum temperatures over the year in Paraty, Brazil. I shows the average temperatures in Paraty in Celsius.

The ‘Vedic Care Charity’ ~ An Oasis of Love

All ‘VCC’ events are to assist the fundraising of our global endeavors and model facility. Please see our short promo-video here. Further details on our Model facility here.

The VCC is a global organization [501(c)3 Charity] for providing ecumenical care through a network of member Eco-villages, temples and farms; giving all those who seek enlightenment and a healthy life style, spiritual, medical and educational services; a world-wide oasis of love.

We welcome all spiritual seekers, in need or not, to come, associate, live and be treated in an enlivening and nourishing atmosphere; and when the time comes, receive God conscious hospice care for a glorious transition from this life.

Please watch our Mission and Model Facility promo-video below