The ‘Vedic Care’ is a global initiative for the care of all spiritual seekers.

The Vedic Care Charitable Trust is an international members and volunteers supported organization, working to facilitate retirement homes and holistic clinics. Those cared for can be together instead of many in isolation and struggling alone, reacting to the symptoms of sickness. In this way we can ease their suffering.

All will have like minded association in their later years, as hospice facilities with staff and Vedic transition support will be available; but before then, we’ll have many educational programs to share everyone’s precious experiences and knowledge.

Our  many developing projects (VCC Locations) are a series of ongoing and future possibilities. Due to a few kind souls, there is potential land or building donations and long term leasing options. Our goal is to work together to develop holistic farm and city communities.

The VCC is an International Cooperative Based on Love and Trust!

We’re also a support mechanism for like minded souls who feel alone, working on care initiatives.

So bring your spiritual desires, kartals, drums, aspirations, dreams, and ‘Love of God’. Bring your kirtan, songs, stories and service to a residential, self-subsisting, off the grid, spiritual ecumenical care facilities and Eco-villages where we can all be together in an harmonious atmosphere, where the individual is loved and respected; and you are not alone anymore. There, we can give even more service to each other and the world.

Because we CARE!

Please join us in any capacity you feel is appropriate – information for volunteering is here – or bring your ideas and projects. Together we can make  the ‘Vedic Care’ happen!

WE ARE HERE TO HELP, and many hands makes light work.

Our short pdf presentation here for downloading.