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To our Vedic Care Radhadesh, Belgium.

This project is ran by Bhagavati devi dasi


With the growing number of elderly people in our communities as well as among our congregation, having a space where people can spend the final months of their life in the company of devotees is becoming extremely needed. In Radhadesh a kind devotee couple has offered her the use of their studio apartment for the next five years. During this time we all hope to be able to work on better and larger facilities.

This facility will work with a local doctor and the regional palliative care team. There is also a nurse living to help during the day when there is a real need, but she has her own family to take care of, so the service will mainly be done with the palliative care team. In two years time their hope is to have a permanent on-site nurse.

Bhagavati devi dasi is resposible for this project. She joined ISKCON in Radhadesh in 1980, but spent 21 years living outside, taking care of her three children. During that time she also trained as a nurse, although, due to unforeseen circumstances, she unfortunately never managed to finish the training.

She came back to Radhadesh in 2009 and have done several services since then – managing our guesthouse, taking care of our cows and our garden – but her main interest is in devotee care. In 2016 I spent three months with a devotee friend of hers during the final stages of cancer, she had a first-hand experience of the importance of this special type of care. This was not the first time for her, but it did leave the biggest impression. Since then another member of our community, Mallaari Krsna prabhu and she have followed seminars on palliative care and care for the elderly, given by a devotee couple – Hari-dhama and Gavesi prabhus.

Please watch a video about the Radhadesh Temple here.

The ISKCON Radhadesh Chateau complex, is also a place for learning ancient Hindu Vedic literature. It houses a College where higher studies are imparted to students who come from across Europe.

Traditional Hindu culture is also evident from the nice pure vegetarian food served at the restaurant and traditional clothes and other cultural artifacts available for sale in this community.

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