Our Yoga & Ayurveda Retreat in Belgium.
From Wednesday, May 30th to Sunday 3rd of June 2018
5 days and 4 nights

Daily rate for attending courses + one meal €45
Full detailed schedule coming soon


Château de Petite Somme, Petite Somme 5, 6940 Septon-Durbuy, Belgium

The earliest record we have found about the castle dates back to the 11th century. It is said that in 1065 the owner of the castle, Gozelon de Montaigu, plundered the property of the Abbey of Saint Hubert. When he died his widow, feeling guilty about her husband’s misbehavior, offered the castle, the church, and her subjects to the Abbey of Saint-Hubert. As a result the area then belonged to the bishop of Liege. Later in the same century the castle became part of a defensive territory. For more history, please click here. 


GURUDAS: Shamanic experiences & Guided Meditation, We are the Shaman and Introduction to Bhakti Yoga
CHAITANYA SWARUP DAS: Ayurveda ~ Self Management of Health Seminar. You will learn a mixture of popular interest and advanced Ayurvedic concepts.
Dr. CAROLLE CHAPMAN (Chaitanya Pryia dd): The Healing Power of Herbs ~ Our Friends and Supporters in Life, Health and Healing. Brief Intro to the ancient use of herbs in all cultures to heal, and Introduction to Bhakti Yoga
SRI-KAMA DEVI DASI: The Art of Real Listening ~ Communication Course
RADHA KRSNA DAS: Micro Farming and the ‘Vedic Compost’ revolutionary method.
ARADHANA DEVI DASI: Introduction to Bhakti Yoga ~ Mantra Meditation
VEGETARIAN & VEGAN COOKING COURSE: Given by Dr. Chapman (Chaitanya Pryia dd)
MATTHEW JOSEPH MORREALE: Cinema and the Psyche workshop ~ ‘Cinema and the Psyche’ is an exploring into the nature of cinema, the psyche and how they interrelate.
KIRTAN (spiritual music) bhajan leaders TBC

 We’ll also have a ‘Vedic Carer Course’ for anyone interested in the Care of another.

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The VCC is a global organization [A 501(c)3 Charity] for providing ecumenical care through a network of member Eco-villages, temples and farms; giving all those who seek enlightenment and a healthy life style, spiritual, medical and educational services; a world-wide oasis of love.

We welcome all spiritual seekers, in need or not, to come, associate, live and be treated in an enlivening and nourishing atmosphere; and when the time comes, receive God conscious hospice care for a glorious transition from this life.

All ‘Vedic Care’ Events are to assist the fundraising of our global endevours and model facility. Please see our short promo-video here. Further details on our Model facility here.

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The ‘Vedic Care’ ~ An Oasis of Love