GURUDAS ~ ‘The Vedic Care’ Founder, Author, Photographer, Counselor, Yogi and Devotee of Krishna;
His ‘New York Times’ article.
ANNEKE LUCAS ~ Founder of Liberation Prison Yoga, TED Talker, Yoga Teacher and Self-Care Specialist;
Her New York Times article.
ARADHANA DEVI DASI ~ Bhakti Yogini, Film Actor /Producer and Co-Founder of  ‘The Vedic Care’
KIRTANS (spiritual music) bhajan leaders from Brazil

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WE ARE THE HEALERS with Gurudas:
How to be spiritual and survive in the modern world.

This is a course designed to unblock our creative and spiritual potential within, in order to heal ourselves, and give to others.

Also how to apply ancient sacred arts into present practical practices, in order to survive and flourish in the fast paced world.



Included topics :

*  The inner journey/Alternative states of consciousness
*  Karma
*  Transmigration of the Soul
*  Mind/Body/Soul Dynamics
*  Vision / Dream time
*  Unblocking our creative and spiritual potential
*  How to apply story telling and myths to life
*  Our archetypal selves
*  Transparent via Mediums
*  World wide healing methods
*  Ritual / Puja
*  Power spots /Sacred places/ Festival
*  Medicinal Herbology
*  Creativity and Expression
*  The conscious and subconscious
*  Affectionate detachment
*  Dream Healing
*  Survival skills
*  How to apply these ideas in the present fast paced world

GURUDAS will also give:

Techniques of Hypnotherapy and relaxation methods with induction experience.

Included Topics:
• An introduction
• History of Hypnosis and overview including Shamanism
• Imagination/Myth/and your subconscious
• Affirmation and Suggestion Techniques
• Ideomotor Response
• Suggestibility Testing
• Dream Time and The Subconscious
• Meditation Techniques and Trance States
• Affirmation:
~ language
~ write your own affirmations
• Mythic Image
• Archetypes and the Collective Unconscious
• Regression or Past Live
• Abreaction
• Healing Arts
• Uses and Application of Hypnosis
~  Self hypnosis/self empowering applications
~  Identifying and healing early life traumas
~  The seeds of habit and how to change
~  How to increase your confidence and determination
~  Spiritual and inner guidance
~  Releasing self-limiting beliefs,doubts and attitudes
~  Reducing stress
~  Taping into your creativity
~  Success strategies
~  Memory enhancement
• Induction Techniques:
~ various methods
~ language
• Induction experience
• Make your own tape
• Post Hypnotic Suggestions
• Practice Induction Session with Partners
• Self Hypnosis Techniques
• How to conduct a Hypnotherapy Session with a client.



Showing of personal reportage pictures taken over four decades
Showing of land mark films on the subject

Is focused on unconditional, non-judgmental acceptance and radical honesty.

This workshop focuses on creating an emotionally safe space in which some may wish to share, while others may wish to hold space for others. You will learn tools to heal from trauma, to work with traumatized populations and how to help reverse trauma in others. You will do meditations, mindfulness exercises and Yoga.



We will cover:
~ Yoga for Healing the body and mind
~ Global Healing
~ The Unconditional Model
~ Exploring Privilege and its role in trauma
~ Exploring inner power dynamics in trauma healing
~ Journaling
~ 12 Elements of a Trauma informed Yoga Practice
~ Practice-teach (optional)
~ Afirmations
ANNEKE will also give:
LIBERATION YOGA: Anneke teaches a yoga class open to all. No matter your physical level, you will get what you need in this practice; exercise if you need to move, relaxation if you need self-care, guided meditation. Keeping connected to the breath and in tune with your body’s signals, your practice will feel personal and private, yet energized by the group’s dynamic.

‘LIQUID BEAUTY’ with Aradhana Dasi

Based on Ancient Eastern Philosophy, this class will explore and give you in a true sense of Self, this one beyond the body. It will touch and expose the everlasting beauty which lies within.




We will cover:
~ ‘Liquid Beauty’, the history.
~ The Constitution of the material Body
~ What and where is the Soul
~ Spirits in the Material World
~ How to navigate peacefully in a hostile environment

Aradhana will also give:
Bhakti and Chanting Yoga


Paraty is a historic town on the Coast of the Rio De Janeiro State in Brazil.
The Eco-Village and the Hotel Dharma Shala are in mountainous jungle.

The Eco-Village has:
Many waterfalls in the mountains, near gorgeous preserved beaches; vegetable gardens, cows,
exotic tropical birds, wild bananas, tropical fruit trees, fresh ‘ahimsa milk’ and a beautiful temple.

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