Sudevi dd



Sujata Oogorah (Sudevi dd) served for a very long time at the Hare Krsna Manor House Temple in Watford, near London. She is only 45 years of age and sadly has been suffering from a heart illness since she was 25. Called ‘mitral stenosis’, the mitral valve in her heart is diseased.

For many years her condition was mild, but over the last three years its gone ‘acute’. Furthermore she has developed a second heart condition, termed ‘atrial fibrillation’. The heart specialist explained last year that she will need a ‘balloon valvulo plasty ‘ this year or early next year.

Her general condition is weakening with feeling out of breath, especially at night; also walking upstairs, etc. She needs to go for various tests such as ultra sound, holter monitor, etc.

Sudevi’s financial condition is poor and although she lives in Europe, she has no access to the NHS; therefore we’re appealing to you to please help her out so that she can be in good health. Please kindly donate from the bottom of your heart.

We’re, to begin her treatment, raising $800. Please donate today.

Thank you all so much.