The Vedic Care “Vaastu Huts”

Would you like to live peacefully in the midst of friends and like minded people? So we invite you to “seed you retirement” with us as we’re planning to create tiny homes for retirement in our Eco-Villages and Farm Projects.

Please contact us here if you’re interest in volunteering or getting on our waiting list.

Because bliss is for everyone

Wisdom of the elders
Energy of the young
As spring and winter dance together
In service and devotion to God

At the Vedic Care Charitable Trust, we are committed to developing a community based in Tuscon, Arizona,
to take excellent care of our spiritual elders.

Civilization means caring for our elderly and facilitating service between our elderly and young.

Experience embraces curiosity
A sense of perspective greets adventure
Knowing blends with hope
Patience harmonizes with exploration

Our elders will feel valued and nurtured.
Our younger volunteers will feel empowered with purpose.

Together, in God’s service, we will care for each other, and thereby, develop our devotion.