The ‘Vedic Care’ Vrindavan Assisted Living and Clinic Project

Many of our team members and supporters dream of a Clinic and Hospice facility in Vrindavan for so long. Finally in August 2017 we were introduced to Mr. Ganesh and Mr. Amrik, both very keen to push the VCC Vrindavan project.

Sadly Mr. Amrik left his body in late October and our plans with him was on hold since; in late December we’ve learned that we no longer have the facilities promised and signed for by him. No need to say that we’re very disappointed but we’ll keep going.

Please read our homage article to Mr. Amrik here.

We have the will, the skills and the support of a few local doctors and nurses and other connections. With your involvement and blessings, we’ll serve many in need.

Please join us by serving at our Vrindavan Project or donate here. Thank you!
Because Love and Care is for Everyone.



Please give generously today! Thank you.

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