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With holistic, spiritual life care facilities, and the healing centers we’re building and working with, the VCC is dedicated to caring for spiritual seekers, Vaishnavas and Vaishnavis, and others aspiring to live a life of divine service.

We aim to provide complete multi faceted healing services, offering each recipient of Vedic Care a safe and self-sufficient spiritual environment.

The supportive care of our Outreach Teams and facilities is meant to allow each soul to fully absorb the mind in transcendence, so they may be adequately prepared for that critical time of passing; guaranteeing a successful transition to the next life.

Our ‘Out Reach Teams’ are taking care of many daily. Please support them. Thanks.

Ishan Chaitanya das prabhu lives in Macedonia and has a chronic condition. Visit his ’cause’ here.

Mahananda dasa prabhu lives in Alachua, Florida, is a Srila Prabhupada disciple and has a severe heart disease. His ’cause’ page here.

We’re now assisting many devotees who prefer to stay anonymous.

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