By Gurudas: In thanks to the volunteers of the Vedic Care Cooperative YET WE GO ON.
We have a simple vision To care for one another It is a challenge In the mist of apathy Injustice Attacks Complacency Yet we go on. The adversity to be compassionate in this advancing world of Kali Yuga Is the most blatant Non act If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem Now even more Quarells, War Crudeness and rudeness Of so called world leaders Injustice Crooked politics Decreasing rainforests One football field a second Loss natural medicine Global warming and apathy to Mother Bhumi (Earth) in the midst of all of this We as a empathetic group: The Vedic Care Coperative VCC We still care and Yet we go on Whilst we continue to care and triaj for many On little money We volunteer our time Expertise, Wisdom Experience Compassion Because we care.’ True Vaishnavas giving all for love of Radha Krishna and Gurus Yet we go on. We have endured Burning vehicles Loss of jobs Prejudice And being taken advantage of by Greedy insensitive Demons We have endured Jail time and separation from family having only one orange That tasted like a feast in 16 hours And the only thing left when stripped of dignity and country Was faith in Radha Krishna and the holy names and we come out stronger, and we have endured Personal health injuries Being misunderstood And vilification And more apathy until you all get older and sick And yet we go…… The VCC And we will continue to go on